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To join the R&D team we are looking for candidates with a PhD in electrochemistry or similar field of study. The candidate will have at least 3 years relevant industrial experience in (hydrogen) electrolysers and other related technologies




Permanent CDI

What You’ll Do

  • Work on key aspects of our reaction, both on the oxidation and reduction side of the reaction

  • Analyse results and present them to the team in our formal and informal technical meetings

  • Help integrating your results for the prototype and pilot design considerations 

  • Work in a team and share tasks and responsibilities with a goal of keeping the laboratory functioning as efficiently as possible

  • Interact with supplier and subcontractors outside the company

Who You are

  • Are you a holder of a PhD in electrochemistry with hands-on experience in desiging, building and/or running electrochemical reactors and processes? 

  • Do you have a critical and analytical approach to electrocehemistry and process development?

  • Do you want to work in a startup environment, go above and beyond in terms of research & operational responsibilities for the venture to become a success? 

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to grow and learn in a highly dynamic fast moving research and development environment?

  • Are you able to work in both English and French? 

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